The total development of young students, in academic excellence, as well as in the acquisition of social consciousness of rights and responsibilities, integrating spiritual, ethical, cultural and political values, following the educative system of Don Bosco, based on reason religion and loving kindness, and in collaboration with the educators, parents and people of good will. Indeed, Don Bosco School stands for the integral development of the student, that is, to help to develop the student's Spirit, Mind and Body.

Spirit: To bring out the best in the student by fostering a loving relationship with God, self and neighbour.
Mind: To foster creativity and responsible use of one's gifts and co-responsibility for a better world
Body: Physical fitness through sports, games and healthy living.

          We, the Salesians of Don Bosco, inspired by the love of the Heart of Jesus and fundamental human values, following the educative system of Don Bosco, commit ourselves to the creation of an educated, ethical, and prosperous society where equality, freedom and fraternity reign, by imparting to young students an education that promotes integral human development.

           “Virtue and Learning”

School Emblem:
          The School Emblem consists of a pair of olive branches in the form of a crown with a star at the top and the school motto at the bottom. The crown is placed around the school’s name Don Bosco. It represents the vision of the school, to develop in the young students good values along with academic excellence, in the footsteps of Don Bosco, our founder.

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